All About Me!

I’m Maggie, and I want to get my life together by the time I graduate college. That day is somewhere around 1231 days away. Hopefully I can make at least some progress by then.

In middle school, I had my life together. I was going to one of the best schools in Manhattan, I played sports, I was involved in the arts, I had good grades, I had great friends. I had a fantastic life.

The summer after my freshman year, my family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. I went to a pretty great school in Nashville, focused on philanthropy and the arts, had good grades, made tons of friends, but I definitely had less of my life together. I applied to only two huge state schools in the SEC (that confused everyone, including me), and didn’t really care where I ended up.

Fast forward to now, halfway through my first year at college, my life is the most not put-together it has ever been. Big shocker, right? Honestly, if you look at the big picture (and squint a little), my life seems pretty together. I’m in a sorority, a choir, do a lot of social stuff, philanthropic work, and study a little here and there. My roommate said I’m a lot more together than most people she knows. But if you look at all the things I want to be doing and everything I want to accomplish in my life, I’m a complete mess.

I also have a hard time with commitment (who doesn’t?). That’s why I chose my college randomly the week of the deadline to choose. That’s why I’m planning on going into a JD-MBA program for grad school (if I was any good at science I’d probably consider med school right after that). That’s (partially) why my roommate told me “if you ever start dating someone, I’ll know that hell has frozen over” (I have a lot of quotes from my roommate). I may even (probably will) have a hard time committing to writing this blog. Why am I even writing a blog? I’ll update you on that when I can figure it out. But I do know exactly what I want to have done by the time I graduate college, and here it is:

  1. I want to have good enough grades to get into graduate school (3.8 here I come)
  2. I want to be healthy — mentally and physically
  3. I want to travel — through study abroad, community work, or just traveling for myself
  4. I want to get a job that I actually enjoy doing
  5. I want to be involved — in my school, sorority, college town community, home community, everything

That’s what I’ll be accomplishing over the next 1231 days, and I will be doing it all while thinking of Tyra Banks’ motto (one of many): Beauty, Boss, and Badassery.

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